Turin at Night

Turin’s vibrant centre plays host to a range of stores, café’s, but most of all an interesting and diverse street architecture.

Streets lined with lights for Xmas, which you will see elsewhere in Italy, but nowhere I think as strongly themed and applied as here. The trams here, as the trams in other cities, are a mixture of old and modern, celebrating the venerable history of the street car while still providing a usable commuter service.

But perhaps most surprising of all, the covered arcades that line the city streets, are amazing and I can’t think of anywhere else in the world where the idea is used so extensively; these arcades must cover kms and kms of street and with such diversity. It lends the city a charm and grace that is seldom seen in city centres and it is truly a magnificent city to see on foot. It is probably worth noting that the streets at night are particularly crowded (clearly, I’m not one of a few who think the city is worth visiting on foot!), but late at night, the arcades are empty and their bare-bones lay exposed to the camera’s eye.