The Prague National Gallery

The National Gallery of Prague, the Veletržní Palác, is Prague’s primary museum for contemporary Art and is interesting not only for its splendid collection, but also for the building itself.

The building is very functional in its exterior design, basically a block’d building occupying most of the land allocated to it.


The building is also nestled in amongst a busy road, and buildings of varying vintages, so really it is quite enclosed by the space around it.


The interior however, is remarkable for the spaciousness given to the collections, and is very contemporary in its use of space; this is as much a museum for art as the Kunsthistorisches (Fine Art) Museum of Vienna, though the aesthetics of the design are remarkably different. The museum’s major work is the Slav Epic by Alfons Mucha; a collection of 20 large canvases set in a majestic hall on the ground floor of the museum. It is a work of breathtaking scope and imagination.

Some samples of the collection and galleries of the museum